Developing concept knowledge for children

Developing concept knowledge for children

Concepts are important for a child to comprehend similarities, differences, direction, attributes, position, number, and sequence among others. In Singapore, most playgroups help children to learn the structures and rules of language systems. The knowledge of concepts help the child to comprehend laguage use. One such playgroup is Mulberry Learning Playgroup in Singapore where they assist the child’s innate capabilities to follow all instructions and in particular, understanding new concepts. They also teach your child the meaning of such terms and practices. A school should teach the child to follow what parents instruct at home and also inside the school premises.

Listening and motivation

For a child to comprehend concepts, he or she must be able to sit down and listen. This will make sure that the best applicable language models get followed. They also get to learn the appropriate language. The young child must also be capable of making sustained efforts to pay attention so as to get any work completed. However, the child must also enjoy in the process. To do this, self motivated activities must be set up which are usually linked with having sufficient fun for the child. Such activities should preferably be goal oriented.

The child must also be receptive to language and try to understand what is being said. Language comprehension is developed much before the same language is expressed. If a child wants to use a language in an appropriate manner, he or she must comprehend particular language area. This takes the form of the child knowing much more that what he or she could express.

Shortage and rectification

Many parents harbor the doubt as to whether their child can understand concepts. They come to this conclusion when they observe their child struggling to follow any instruction which has concepts. The child may utilize incorrect concepts in spoken or expressive language. The child who cannot express himself or herself will be unable to pinpoint in detail when talking. Children also use vague statements like �that one� or �that thing� instead of using their correct generic or phonetic names. These children have the tendency to point rather then use speech to get what they want.

Children suffering from paucity of concepts could be improved. One way is to correct their grammar usage. These children also suffer due to unimaginative learning practices. These are corrected by physically showing or modeling in front of the child so that they can comprehend what they should do. Provide a proper description to the child of the activities done by them.

To teach a child requires lots of patience and not only the correct lesson content. The educator needs to motivate the children to learn, take care of those lagging behind, and account to the parents for the child’s progress. Parents can also help at home by asking their child what they have learnt at the playgroup. This way, learning is reinforced and the child grows faster.