Why Choice of Kindergarten is Crucial


There have been debates on the fees charged by some kindergartens. Some parents feel it is a waste of money since all children do is sing, color, and sleep. Some people even feel it is simply a socialization place that needs not charge exorbitant fees. Besides the fees charged, it is essential for parents to consider the advantages the child in one kindergarten has over the child in another. Is the exposure given to a child in a high-quality kindergarten of greater impact on the child? How will the foundation of this child set him apart from the rest?


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In this article on naeyc.org, the author discusses the benefit of high-quality kindergarten on a child.


Underestimated benefits of kindergarten on a child


“Your child continues to develop a wide range of skills in kindergarten, including physical, social, emotional, language and literacy, and thinking (cognitive) skills. Physical development is the way your child moves her arms and legs (large motor skills) and uses the small muscles in her fingers and hands (small motor skills).” read more here


A parent is great company for a child. However, for him to truly find himself, he needs children his age. Children need to be in an environment where they can learn from one another. Kindergarten is an environment among peers. Is it any wonder that a child who was deemed an introvert suddenly becomes conversational after going to kindergarten? Kindergarten is the right environment for a child to build on their cognitive skills. The value of kindergarten cannot and should not be underestimated.


In this article in skoolopedia.com, the author discusses the value of early childhood education.


The importance of knowing the schedule of a kindergarten


“In Singapore, parents recognize that development in the early years is crucial as this is a golden period when children inquire, explore and discover the world around them. Apart from arousing children’s curiosity and sense of wonder about the world around them, most of the kindergarten in Singapore provides opportunities for children to learn social skills such as learning….” read more here


Although many kindergartens have a standard schedule, as a parent, it is essential to have an idea of what the child does when in school. Every parent needs to be familiar with the education system and the preferred age of entry. This plays a critical role in the planning for the child’s education. Understanding the child’s daily routine will also help a parent to observe the impact of an established routing on the behavior of the child when at home.


In this article by Children’s Health Team, the authors discuss how parents can evaluate a child’s readiness for school.


How to tell if a child is ready for school


“You want your child to have the best start in school. But you may wonder how to tell when the time is right to make that start. Requirements for kindergarten entrance age have changed over the last 40 years. In 1975, only nine states required that a child be age 5 before enrolling. By 2010, 37 states had this requirement, and more are following suit.” read more here


How can a parent have an opinion that is not biased when deciding if a child is ready for school or not? Many parents make the decision based on their emotions and worries about letting go of the child. This is usually the first time a child and parent will be separated for extended periods of time. To other parents, this is the point they slowly start losing their child to the world. This may be the reason some parents opt to homeschool their children. However, it is essential to put the child first, especially, if he is indeed ready for school. If the child shows eagerness to learn, is toilet trained and can tell colors apart, he is most probably ready for school.


Kindergarten plays a critical role in the development of a child. However, the choice of kindergarten is equally important. This is the education foundation of the child. It needs to be done right. Getting a kindergarten may seem to be too involving. However, it is a necessary one since it is at this stage that children start gaining their independence. They are eager to learn new things, and it needs to be done in a productive environment.

Little children today know how to use a mobile. It could be to call their parents, play games, watching something interesting or anything really. Given the fact that this has become the norm and with technology advancing every megasecond, the need of the hour is to teach children technology in school.

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Here are a few reasons that drive home the point.

The right of passage from the old black or whiteboard has given way to providing information to students on the large monitor in the classroom. Let us face it every child today is used to watching telly and will definitely respond better when something is projected on a screen rather than the old blackboard. Using this as a way to pitch the subject, teachers are ensuring that they do not falter, as children seem one step ahead.

As the days go by, with new gizmos being available children also see the need to up their game. Using this as a medium to increase the levels for the really savvy child of the 21st century the pedagogy has included technology in a limited dose in early childhood learning. Applications on mobiles are a boon but can be a bane for parents and educators when kids are not wise or responsible. Educators ensure that they throw some light in this direction in the classroom.

Teaching children technology in the early years may be an expensive ride for parents. Nevertheless, in the long run, it is a stepping-stone primarily since most students opt for careers in software engineering. The needs in school life should move on with the time, which makes the educative journey for the child and the teacher to progress in a like fashion. The objective – since kids respond to something new, capitalizing on this to better their score, ultimately is the best policy.

Having read until this point, we hope that you have realised that kindergarten is not a trivial period for your child, and you should pay utmost attention to the quality of kindergarten you intend to send him/her to. Check out Chiltern House forum today to find out more about Chiltern House’s activities.

Keepig kids engaged is not an easy feat, and in Singapore kindergartens, it can drive a teacher up the wall when children are in a frenzy and bored. However, once a gadget is brought to the classroom, children today respond better. Since most of them know how to swipe on a smartphone, the rest of the lesson, in simple terms, will be a breeze for the educator. The idea is not to clutter the minds of the child, especially given the fact that they will have a whole lot more to study in the later years.

The relevance of technology in early childhood learning helps kids move with the times and learns what is of prime importance today and in the years to come.

Trampolines are fun for all ages and it is usually very hard for anyone to jump around on a trampoline with a straight face. However, there are many serious health benefits that you can get by using a trampoline. Here are a few of the top reasons why you should let your child play on the trampoline.

Heart Health
By increasing your child’s heart rate for just 10 minutes of bouncing around on the trampoline can make the muscles of the cardiovascular system stronger. It is such a fun activity and the children don’t even realize that it is so good for them.

In many Singapore preschools, such activities are present and your child will get to develop both academically and socially. If you are looking for a preschool that will cater holistically to your child’s needs, do consider Chiltern House Preschool. You can check out their site above.

Also, do check out this Chiltern House review for an honest review of the school.

Increases the level of energy
Jumping on a trampoline is a great way of starting your kids day. By bouncing up and down there is more oxygen that is carried to the blood and this increases the amount of energy your child has throughout the day.

Motor Skills and Coordination
Without realizing it everyone has a certain level of coordination every time they jump on a trampoline. This fact holds true for kids who jump on the trampoline as this is where they learn their center of balance. While bouncing the child’s center of balance is constantly shifting and hence they learn how to react to this quickly. It also helps them improve their coordination and motor skills all at the same time.

Happy mind
Jumping makes everyone happy that is because an increase in the amount of oxygen that circulates in the body promotes the release of mood-enhancing endorphins. This is also a great way of getting your child to wind down after a long day.

Boost of Confidence
This is especially good for children who are usually wary of trying something new. Bouncing on the trampoline can help them build more confidence and be more courageous.

Easy Learning
A trampoline helps the child calm down and improve their levels of concentration. This is a great way of making learning easier for the child.

Boosts the immune system
The act of bouncing has a great detoxifying effect this helps to strengthen the child’s immune system as the toxins get pushed out and let the nutrients in.

Fresh air
Trampolines are often present in yards or parks playing on them gets the kids out in the open and breathing fresh air.
There are many different versions of trampolines that are available in the market so just make sure that it is safe and let your child lose.

Preschool education in Singapore institutions, maintain a good balance of fun and studies for better growth of your child.

Modernity has revolutionized many things, including childcare. Traditional societies allowed the extended family to cater for children born in it. Mothers could stay at home to take care of the children while fathers went out to work. This is no longer the case. Single parent families are on the rise and families are moving away from their extended families to look for work. Reliable childcare is therefore necessary and parents in Singapore need to be aware of the options available to them.

One child care centre in Singapore that meets these preferences is Chiltern House preschool. They nurture your child’s confidence and independence, and also structure their programme to ready your child for primary school. Hence if you are serious about your child’s education, you should consider Chiltern House. If you are keen to send your child to a quality preschool, do check out this Chiltern House Review for an honest review of the school.



Which type of facility is best for your child

There are three main categories of childcare facilities. The choice of each depends on various factors like age of the child, the cost of the facility and the services that you expect from the facility.

If you are not comfortable leaving your child in an environment different from home, then you can choose to hire a nanny.  If the services you want include the child getting some formal education, then pre-school and childcare facilities are the way to go.  Other facilities allow you to go to work with your baby, which has numerous benefits for both mother and baby.

According to The Expat Team, the rates for taking care of your child while you are at work can vary by quite a bit. They write:

“There are 3 types of childcare available to you in Singapore, which are:

  • Pre-school or Childcare centres
    • Depending on whether you opt for a full-day or half-day childcare programme and how young your child is, the average cost of full-day infant childcare is about SGD 1.5k a month.
  • Babysitters or Nannies
    • There are freelance babysitters and nannies and there are live-in nannies (usually foreign workers). Freelancers can cost up to SGD 900 a month while live-in nannies can start from as low as SGD 1.5k a month.
  • Working at a child-friendly office or co-working space
    • Rates depending on your working arrangement—if your company is working in an office where brings your own children is allowed or if there’s a playpen in it, then you’re basically paying nothing extra. Otherwise, you may have to pay for the cost of working in a co-working space.”

Read more here.

How Do You Distinguish Between a Pre-school, Kindergarten and Childcare Centre

It is important that a parent understands the distinctive features of these facilities. You do not want to enroll a child who ought to be in a child care facility in a pre-school facility.

It is important that you consider the needs that you want to be met by your facility of choice. The age criterion is especially very critical as it determines a child’s entry point into the formal system of education. You do not want your child to miss out on this by putting him/her in the wrong facility. The educational approaches are also different. It is important to know beforehand what educational approach you would want for your child.

If you enroll a younger child in a facility meant for older children, it will mean that the institution will not have the ability to meet the needs of your child. For example, a child who needs to take a nap will suffer if placed in an institution that does not have facilities for such.

MindChamps writes:

“To start, know that in Singapore, any institution that provides early childhood care and education services is considered a preschool. As such, child care centres and kindergartens are both considered preschools; however, each caters to different needs and varies in education approaches. When it comes to choosing a child care centre or kindergartens in Singapore, note these main differences:

Age Criteria

Enrolment in child care centres is open for children aged 18 months to 6 years old, but some child care centres also provide infant care for children 2 months and up. Kindergartens only accept students between the ages of 3 to 6 years old.

In short, if your child is younger than three but you want him/her to go to school already, then a child care centre is your option.”  Read more here.

It is also critical to consider the affordability of a  facility so that you don’t end up bearing an unmanageable financial burden. Confirm whether you qualify for government subsidies.

If you are looking for a good preschool and have the budget to spend, you can consider Chiltern House Thomson. They have both full day and half day programmes, and also have adequate learning support and therapy for your child. For more information, visit their page at the link above.

How much Do These facilities Cost?

Various facilities accommodate the financial capabilities of different Singapore parents.  Some facilities are costly while others are more pocket-friendly. The cost of a facility is dependent on several variables.

A government facility is more affordable than a private one. Full day or half day arrangements have further implications on the cost.

It is important to consider the long-term financial implications of childcare. Consider whether you are getting value for money.  Remember you have other financial obligations besides childcare. It should not cost an arm and a leg. Expensive does not always imply better. Ask whether it is possible to get similar services elsewhere at cheaper rates.

The Asian Parent writes:

1. Is it really worth it to send your child to private childcare centres that cost more than $2,000 per month?

What if you knew that saving the difference of $1,000 per month over a 3-year period (for instance when your child is 3-6 years old) and compounding these savings over time at a modest rate of 2.5% p.a. would pay for your child’s entire university fees?

Wait, how can this be?

Currently, tuition fees for the vast majority of university courses at NUS costs under $9,000 per annum (yes, lower than childcare fees). Factoring in an inflation rate of 2% p.a., and assuming a 4-year course, your 3-year old child’s university tuition fees would cost $49,420 in 16 years’ time.

Read more here.

In conclusion, childcare needs to be well planned and thought out. The wrong choices can have serious negative implications for a child’s life. Ensure that the childcare plan you take is affordable and does not affect your long-term financial goals. Leaving your child with a friend or a relative is a better choice if it works for you.

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My daughter was visiting for two weeks with her dog, a one-year-old Boston Terrier. We made them suffer the ultimate doggy indignity by dressing them up in Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits. Enjoy these photos for a few days while I am in the Keys trying to find a place to live!

In case you’re done with darts, football watching, and all else in my neighborhood bar–you can always grab a book off the shelf and read a classic! I realize it has been weeks since I posted. My news is that I leaving Fort Lauderdale in about a month or less and moving to the Keys. With permission from the CDP folks, I’ll start a new site once I get settled in. In the meantime, I will try to post as I can.