Modernity has revolutionized many things, including childcare. Traditional societies allowed the extended family to cater for children born in it. Mothers could stay at home to take care of the children while fathers went out to work. This is no longer the case. Single parent families are on the rise and families are moving away from their extended families to look for work. Reliable childcare is therefore necessary and parents in Singapore need to be aware of the options available to them.

One child care centre in Singapore that meets these preferences is Chiltern House preschool. They nurture your child’s confidence and independence, and also structure their programme to ready your child for primary school. Hence if you are serious about your child’s education, you should consider Chiltern House.


Which type of facility is best for your child

There are three main categories of childcare facilities. The choice of each depends on various factors like age of the child, the cost of the facility and the services that you expect from the facility.

If you are not comfortable leaving your child in an environment different from home, then you can choose to hire a nanny.  If the services you want include the child getting some formal education, then pre-school and childcare facilities are the way to go.  Other facilities allow you to go to work with your baby, which has numerous benefits for both mother and baby.

According to The Expat Team, the rates for taking care of your child while you are at work can vary by quite a bit. They write:

“There are 3 types of childcare available to you in Singapore, which are:

  • Pre-school or Childcare centres
    • Depending on whether you opt for a full-day or half-day childcare programme and how young your child is, the average cost of full-day infant childcare is about SGD 1.5k a month.
  • Babysitters or Nannies
    • There are freelance babysitters and nannies and there are live-in nannies (usually foreign workers). Freelancers can cost up to SGD 900 a month while live-in nannies can start from as low as SGD 1.5k a month.
  • Working at a child-friendly office or co-working space
    • Rates depending on your working arrangement—if your company is working in an office where brings your own children is allowed or if there’s a playpen in it, then you’re basically paying nothing extra. Otherwise, you may have to pay for the cost of working in a co-working space.”

Read more here.

How Do You Distinguish Between a Pre-school, Kindergarten and Childcare Centre

It is important that a parent understands the distinctive features of these facilities. You do not want to enroll a child who ought to be in a child care facility in a pre-school facility.

It is important that you consider the needs that you want to be met by your facility of choice. The age criterion is especially very critical as it determines a child’s entry point into the formal system of education. You do not want your child to miss out on this by putting him/her in the wrong facility. The educational approaches are also different. It is important to know beforehand what educational approach you would want for your child.

If you enroll a younger child in a facility meant for older children, it will mean that the institution will not have the ability to meet the needs of your child. For example, a child who needs to take a nap will suffer if placed in an institution that does not have facilities for such.

MindChamps writes:

“To start, know that in Singapore, any institution that provides early childhood care and education services is considered a preschool. As such, child care centres and kindergartens are both considered preschools; however, each caters to different needs and varies in education approaches. When it comes to choosing a child care centre or kindergartens in Singapore, note these main differences:

Age Criteria

Enrolment in child care centres is open for children aged 18 months to 6 years old, but some child care centres also provide infant care for children 2 months and up. Kindergartens only accept students between the ages of 3 to 6 years old.

In short, if your child is younger than three but you want him/her to go to school already, then a child care centre is your option.”  Read more here.


It is also critical to consider the affordability of a  facility so that you don’t end up bearing an unmanageable financial burden. Confirm whether you qualify for government subsidies.


How much Do These facilities Cost?

Various facilities accommodate the financial capabilities of different Singapore parents.  Some facilities are costly while others are more pocket-friendly. The cost of a facility is dependent on several variables.

A government facility is more affordable than a private one. Full day or half day arrangements have further implications on the cost.

It is important to consider the long-term financial implications of childcare. Consider whether you are getting value for money.  Remember you have other financial obligations besides childcare. It should not cost an arm and a leg. Expensive does not always imply better. Ask whether it is possible to get similar services elsewhere at cheaper rates.

The Asian Parent writes:

1. Is it really worth it to send your child to private childcare centres that cost more than $2,000 per month?

What if you knew that saving the difference of $1,000 per month over a 3-year period (for instance when your child is 3-6 years old) and compounding these savings over time at a modest rate of 2.5% p.a. would pay for your child’s entire university fees?

Wait, how can this be?

Currently, tuition fees for the vast majority of university courses at NUS costs under $9,000 per annum (yes, lower than childcare fees). Factoring in an inflation rate of 2% p.a., and assuming a 4-year course, your 3-year old child’s university tuition fees would cost $49,420 in 16 years’ time.

Read more here.

In conclusion, childcare needs to be well planned and thought out. The wrong choices can have serious negative implications for a child’s life. Ensure that the childcare plan you take is affordable and does not affect your long-term financial goals. Leaving your child with a friend or a relative is a better choice if it works for you.

When you have made up your mind to start learning the violin, it can be an interesting venture offering various lifelong advantages. However, the kind of curriculum and the violin teacher you choose can have a significant influence on the quality of progress you can make. The process of learning to play violin can indeed be a big challenge. In fact, beginners who attend violin class Singapore should be encouraged on an ongoing basis. In order to get success, you should remain enthusiastic until the very end. Apart from verbal support and praise, you should find constant and regular improvement in your skills. While selecting the right instrument, in the beginning, plays a massive role, finding and choosing a good violin teacher is equally important to meet your goal. Check out if you are looking for a good violin teacher to assist you through your music journey.

One should not go about it lightly while choosing a good violin teacher. Both pupils and parents must compare the violin instructors against certain parameters to make sure that the candidate is an excellent fit. It is a fact that each person has a unique style of learning. So, the teacher you choose needs to be an excellent match for the personality of the student and the manner in which they learn. The chosen violin instructor needs to be in sync with the goals of their students.

Here are some of the top tips to find a good violin teacher:

1. Assess performance history and teaching credentials
A good music instructor should have a minimum of bachelor degree in the field of music. However, other good indicators include teaching accolades and awards. They should also possess a good performance history, particularly when they want to find a violin instructor to guide them in an upcoming audition or recital. An instructor who has the relevant professional experience is capable of offering guidance and valuable personal insights, which is quite beneficial. A good instructor can also offer motivating musical abilities.

2. Try to find good violin instructors in your neighborhood
Good violin training institutes usually have their websites with all the necessary information online. You will come across several music teacher associations and online websites that can be helpful in locating the right violin instructor in your neighborhood.

3. List your personal goals
It will be highly useful for intermediate or beginners in violin classes. They can then identify the kind of information needed. For instance, do you want a teacher to improve your training during the winter months? Are you enthusiastic about providing your kid a great foundation prior to getting them enrolled in a specific school program? Alternatively, it is also possible that you belong to the category of adult learners and would like to continue from the spot you left several years ago. When you are able to outline the personal goals, the task of identifying a violin teacher who can meet your goals become much simpler.

Most people believe that they can learn to play an instrument after a couple of sessions at a reliable institute. Pretty much like the concept of learning how to master a language in a month or two, which is impossible, and again, quite impossible. Let us demystify how long it takes to learn to play the violin, realistically.

Feel the Music
For an adult beginner, it may take a while if music is not in your DNA. However, that does not mean that a lack of knowledge of sound or music reading signals the end of learning to play a beautiful instrument like the violin. Holding the bow in a convenient and comfortable manner makes a huge difference.

Sound Check
At the beginning, notes may sound nasal or brusque. You may even believe that they are scratchy sounds that do not sound pleasing to the ear. Taking about the ear, the instrument that is positioned near the ear that gets a whole amount of sound may take a beating. Keep it in check. When the sound does not come out the way you intend for it to be, there is a possibility that the instrument needs to be tuned. Tightening the bow and ensuring that the shape is curved at the right angle is a big deal.

Practice Makes Perfect
To become an expert at the violin requires that you keep on with the basics. Play the instrument like there is no tomorrow. The fingers will get quite used to the fiddling and the ears too, but as per the general consensus, it takes about 3-4 years to actually put into place a good piece of musical notes.

The possibility of being able to play is possible within a year without mastering the violin. If the tune does not sit well with your symphony, or it grates on your nerves, changing the formula may be the solution. At a good school that offers violin and a drum class in Singapore, you will come out with flying colors. Take violin lessons Singapore to get consistent improvement.

In Sum
Looking after the instrument after a beginner’s series is very important. Keeping it around as a white elephant will never win anyone brownie points if you want to succeed at learning to play and master the violin. Get the notes right, the tone in place as you put together a musical piece of beauty without anything beastly about the concerto. To put it in perspective, one can learn to play the instrument in about a year, but to master, it takes time and patience.

Drums are percussion instruments which are played commonly in rock shows and concerts. They offer a variety of styles: rock, jazz, Latin, blues etc. to name a few. To be a good drummer you need to have a clear view of where you want to see yourself with respect to drumming in the coming years. You should have a strategy and a plan where you list out all the things in which you are confident at and the other aspects in which you need improvement.

At drum class Singapore you will develop strong basics and techniques with experienced trainers who will teach you in a manner you understand.


It is known to everyone that when you decide to learn any instrument, you need a proper trainer to get your basics right. This is not because people lack the ability to learn an instrument themselves or because there is a shortage of any coaching material online or otherwise. It is because you need somebody to correct you when you go wrong, someone you trust will correct you and won’t shower you with appreciation just so that you feel good. Everyone needs criticism to improve.

For the purpose of knowing the basics, you can take the help of any online website which offers you tutorials and videos to learn from, but for learning it is important you go to a trainer.

Once you learn the drumming basics practice and perfect them. Some of the drumming fundamentals which need attention are: single and double strokes, five-stroke roll etc. Once you are good at this then you can move forward and go to the next steps. You should take steps to improve your stamina as playing drums will require a lot of stamina. For this do exercises regularly, eat well, sleep well, keep your mind relaxed. You should do everything you can to keep yourself fit and healthy. You should learn to play in time. To achieve this, time yourself while playing and practicing.

We offer classes in all styles, so that once you are clear with your basics you can move to the advanced without much effort. You will be given world class training here and tests will be conducted to know where you stand. At the end of the test, you will be awarded a certificate if you have cleared the tests and are eligible for the next training stage. You will be provided opportunities to perform for stage shows held by us. We not only train but also provide a lot of opportunities for our students to perform. Contact us to know more about us. We look forward to training you.

There is a thing quite mesmerizing about flames dancing along the logs of your burning fire. This style is sometimes called Feng Shui, which has become very popular. In lieu of purchasing costly furniture in order to add new scopes to your home, a more affordable and simpler way can be done – purchase some well planned accessories that can bring out the best in your home.

Unique but simple pieces of furniture can also complement color. I have provided three guidelines for designing with ceramic tile however, these are not the be-all design. You can use a valance or cornice box over it to soften the harsh edges. You can put in a valance or cornice box over it to soften the harsh edges. Submit ArticlesMember LoginSubmission GuidelinesArticle RSS Feeds.

The studio maintains a diverse portfolio of projects including residential and commercial design, office planning, hospitality, retail and health care facility design. A cottage garden can be d inside a large amount of ways. articledashboard.

Article Directory: http://www. Getting the final order of the certain type of tile or flooring could mean the real difference between an alright design choice and also the best decision for the space. Mar 09, 2017.

Once you have the viewers on your page, it’s time to go past the colors and images. This is performed inside the entire text with every borrowed phrase or quotation having its very own citation. The software also includes textures for tiled floors, granite countertops and custom cabinetry. Regardless of whether your home is in the sprawling villa or in a small apartment with little space to spare, proper and meticulous planning ensures that you simply can make the best out of the available space. Include some slow-growing evergreens, yews, scots pines, cedars in the event the climate allows.

Eco-Friendliness: Dedication to commercial maintenance proves that a company cares in regards to the environment. Decorating with color allows you to make use of your existing furniture and flooring. Credit: roof truss designs.

Designing a residence is nothing new and it has been going on since the initial house that is why your house design software should only be considered as complementary or supplemental resources to assist you design the home of your dreams. And if that isn’t enough to convince you how much fun desert landscape design can be, remember this will be also an extremely low maintenace type of garden. . You can discover more vital landscape design tips and data on Allen’s website, the Landscape Design Advisor.

Today the Weather Channel anchor proclaimed the entire continental United States in the deep freeze. All, that is, except “the southern tip of Florida–Broward and Miami-Dade counties and the Keys.” I felt kind of guilty. Then I tried to sunbathe at my pool in 73 degree temps with the wind blowing 25 miles per hour. Brrrr. No could do. That’s my way of saying I’m in solidarity with you, rest of the nation. (Me ducking.)

My daughter was visiting for two weeks with her dog, a one-year-old Boston Terrier. We made them suffer the ultimate doggy indignity by dressing them up in Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits. Enjoy these photos for a few days while I am in the Keys trying to find a place to live!

In case you’re done with darts, football watching, and all else in my neighborhood bar–you can always grab a book off the shelf and read a classic! I realize it has been weeks since I posted. My news is that I leaving Fort Lauderdale in about a month or less and moving to the Keys. With permission from the CDP folks, I’ll start a new site once I get settled in. In the meantime, I will try to post as I can.