Enrichment Centre and Preschool: What is the Difference?

student enrichment classes in Singapore

Are you a parent? Do you live in Singapore? If yes, you likely may have heard of enrichment classes and the benefit it offers to kids of all ages.

Exploring these benefits may make you want to send your little one to these classes as quickly as possible. But at the same time, you may be wondering if the things your kid will learn in enrichment classes are similar to what he will learn in preschool.

Well, the truth is that enrichment classes and preschool aren’t the same. Read on to learn what sets them apart.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this article, we will first look at what enrichment centres are all about.

What exactly is an enrichment centre?

The word enrichment means to improve the quality of something. An enrichment centre is, therefore, a facility that offers classes that can enhance the skill of kids. In a regular class, kids will learn about subjects like math and science. In enrichment classes, on the other hand, kids will learn about sports, drama, foreign language, dance, and so on.

To sum it up, enrichment classes help kids explore exciting subjects in an interactive and captivating manner.

Difference between enrichment classes and preschools


Granted, enrichment centres and preschool are both learning institutions, but they don’t have the same goal.

The goal of every school is to help kids do better academically. Enrichments classes, which have an informal and stealth approach towards learning, are focused on helping kids improve their skills in things they are interested in. Presently, there are enrichment classes for cooking, art, coding, and everything in between.

What your kids will learn

As earlier mentioned, regular schools are keen to teach kids about academic subjects like English, math, science, history, and so on.

In enrichment classes, your kids will learn new skills and subjects outside the academic space. Bear in mind that the classes offered at these centres may also improve his existing skill.

Is it compulsory?

See, there is no hard and fast rule that parents must send their child to an enrichment class. If your child is doing well academically and socially, a parent may decide not to send him to an enrichment class. 

The same cannot be said about preschool. In Singapore and other parts of the world, children need to attend preschool for at least one year before transitioning to primary school. This is to help them learn the basics and understand how the school system works before moving to the next level, which is primary school.


As you probably guessed, enrichment classes are a lot more fun and entertaining for kids. The obvious reason for this is that they focus more on interactive, fun, and hands-on activities that kids love.

In schools, kids learn almost everything theoretically. Granted, they offer a few hands-on activities here and there, but they just cannot compete with enrichment classes in this category.


Enrichment classes and preschool may be different in many areas, but they offer unique benefits to kids. If you want your kid to do well in every facet of his life, you should sign him up for preschool and enrichment classes. You won’t regret it.