Finding the right drum coach

Drums are percussion instruments which are played commonly in rock shows and concerts. They offer a variety of styles: rock, jazz, Latin, blues etc. to name a few. To be a good drummer you need to have a clear view of where you want to see yourself with respect to drumming in the coming years. You should have a strategy and a plan where you list out all the things in which you are confident at and the other aspects in which you need improvement.

At drum class Singapore you will develop strong basics and techniques with experienced trainers who will teach you in a manner you understand.


It is known to everyone that when you decide to learn any instrument, you need a proper trainer to get your basics right. This is not because people lack the ability to learn an instrument themselves or because there is a shortage of any coaching material online or otherwise. It is because you need somebody to correct you when you go wrong, someone you trust will correct you and won’t shower you with appreciation just so that you feel good. Everyone needs criticism to improve.

For the purpose of knowing the basics, you can take the help of any online website which offers you tutorials and videos to learn from, but for learning it is important you go to a trainer.

Once you learn the drumming basics practice and perfect them. Some of the drumming fundamentals which need attention are: single and double strokes, five-stroke roll etc. Once you are good at this then you can move forward and go to the next steps. You should take steps to improve your stamina as playing drums will require a lot of stamina. For this do exercises regularly, eat well, sleep well, keep your mind relaxed. You should do everything you can to keep yourself fit and healthy. You should learn to play in time. To achieve this, time yourself while playing and practicing.

We offer classes in all styles, so that once you are clear with your basics you can move to the advanced without much effort. You will be given world class training here and tests will be conducted to know where you stand. At the end of the test, you will be awarded a certificate if you have cleared the tests and are eligible for the next training stage. You will be provided opportunities to perform for stage shows held by us. We not only train but also provide a lot of opportunities for our students to perform. Contact us to know more about us. We look forward to training you.

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